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With just three leads implanted near the Arterial bundles in the skin of the outer ear, P-Stim is minimally invasive and has an FDA 510(K) #(K050123).



Innovative Health Solutions, Inc is pleased to present the P-STIM device to its U.S. customers. The P-STIM is a miniaturized device designed to administer Autonomic Nervous System and Vascular stimulation over several days. The advantage of using the ear for such treatment is that it offers direct, minimally invasive access to the Autonomic Nervous System and Neurovascular System. Stimulation is performed by electrical pulses emitted through selectively positioned needles.

Welcome to IHS and Your P-STIM: Be Free From Pain


Main Features

  • P-STIM performs continuous point stimulation over a period of several days and offers the patient a high degree of comfort and mobility. Patients can continue most daily activities without restriction.
  • Minimally invasive. Easy to place and remove, by IHS trained physicians.
  • Disposable and battery-powered. Continuous comfortable use for up to four days.
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